You & Me Chinchilla Wheel, 11-inch





Running surface







  • It's cheap


  • Too small for chinchillas
  • Mesh is dangerous for chinchillas' feet
  • Noise from cage rattling
  • Wobbly with danger of falling off

I debated with myself whether to write for this product. Finally I decided to use this as a negative demonstration to show you how bad can a chinchilla wheel go, and we can learn something from it.

Chinchilla’s aren’t picky, but for their safety and their enjoyment, they do have some basic requirements, such as size and material of the wheel.

The You & Me Chinchilla Wheel is only 11” in diameter and can cause your chin to feel cramped and potentially cause pain or injury to their backs. The wheel is made of durable mesh, which can also pose a threat to your chin’s feet. Although it is the best budget option because of its affordable price and accessibility, this wheel should not be the first wheel considered for your chinchilla. 

This review is part of our best chinchilla wheels 2020 review series.


Size ( 5 / 10 )

Chinchillas need ample space to run, stretch and avoid future injury or pain. Unfortunately, the You & Me Chinchilla Wheel does little to help your chin run comfortably and safely.

This chinchilla wheel has a diameter of 11” which is not enough space for an adult chin. The limited space can cause your chin to curve their backs excessively, which can cause pain, discomfort and back injuries.

It is recommended that your chin have at least 15” to run and stretch. However, if purchasing for a young chinchilla, you may be able to get a few months’ worth of use out of this 11” wheel.

  • The 11” diameter does not give your chin enough space to run without risking back discomfort or injury.
  • Chinchillas require at least 15” of space to run freely and safely.


Running Surface ( 2 / 10 )

Your chin has very sensitive feet and care should be taken when choosing the surface that your chin will be walking or running on. The You & Me Chinchilla Wheel is made of long-lasting mesh and does not provide your chin with a solid surface to run on.

The holes in this mesh wheel can cause sores and pain to your chin’s feet and also puts your chin at risk of breaking their toes, feet or legs. Although the manufacturer does not provide the measurements for the running surface, some chinchilla owners have complained that this model does not protect their chin from slipping or falling off of the wheel due to the limited width.

  • Mesh material is not recommended for chinchillas to walk or run on. Instead, chinchillas should only run on solid surfaces to avoid bumblefoot, sores, pain and breaking limbs.
  • The running surface lacks in width and can put your chin at risk of falling or slipping off of the wheel.
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Material ( 3 / 10 )

Despite lacking in size and running surface, this wheel was made with chinchilla approved materials and does not contain any plastic that can be chewed or ingested.

The 11” wheel is made from a long lasting, durable mesh which is non-toxic, safe for pets and comes in different colors. Although it  cannot be chewed by your chinchilla, the mesh material is not recommended for the running surface as it can cause injury to your chinchilla’s feet because of the small holes.

The wheel can be attached to the bars of your cage or can stand freely on the metal base that comes with your purchase.

  • This wheel is made with chinchilla safe, long lasting, durable mesh which deters chewing but can be harmful to your chinchilla’s feet.
  • The mesh is non-toxic and safe for pets.

You & Me Chinchilla Wheel running surface

Quietness ( 6 / 10 )

The You & Me Chinchilla Wheel attaches to the bars of the cage with the included wingnut. Because of this weaker attachment, many chinchilla owners have complained that this wheel makes a bothersome amount of noise.

Several people complained that the wingnut will come loose during running which can increase cage rattling and also puts your chin at risk. To minimize the noise of the exercise wheel, you can place it on the stand that comes with your purchase.

However, the stand may not allow your wheel to last as long as attaching it directly to the cage. For a quieter chinchilla wheel, look for an option that has dual ball bearing technology, like the budget friendly Kaytee “Silent Spinner” or the most chinchilla appropriate Quality Cage Crafter’s “Chin Spin.”

  • The wingnut attachment may come loose during running increasing cage rattling and noise from the spinning.
  • For a quieter wheel, you can use the included stand instead of attaching directly to the cage.


Overall ( 4 / 10 )

The You & Me Chinchilla Wheel is certainly a budget option. At only $12.99 there are few options available that would cost less. However, the small price does not justify the lack of safety, comfort and fun that your chinchilla would experience with this exercise wheel.

From the cramped sizes to the dangerous running surface, this wheel was not made with chinchilla’s in mind. If you cannot purchase the larger, metal wheels like the Felix and Fido “Spin Safe,” or the Exotic Nutrition “Chin-Sprint,” the Kaytee “Silent Spinner” at least offers a slightly larger size and a solid running surface which is by far a better option than the You & Me Chinchilla Wheel.

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