Kaytee Silent Spinner Giant Size (Review)


Kaytee Silent Spinner Giant Size




Running surface







  • Budget friendly
  • Suitable for smaller chinchillas
  • Easily replaceable


  • Too small for adult chinchillas
  • Plastic material unsafe
  • Not as silent as claimed
  • Not durable compared to Chin Spin

Chinchillas require daily exercise to live a healthy life and a spinning wheel is perfect for that activity. The Kaytee “Silent Spinner” is an affordable and accessible chinchilla wheel that is made of heavy-duty, yet lightweight, plastic that can be attached directly to the cage or stand freely on the included metal support.

This wheel has a diameter of 12”, which may be on the small side for adult chinchillas, but could work well for young, or small sized, chins. The all plastic design is not ideal for chinchillas because of chewing, but the price point makes this wheel a good option for anyone who is on a budget.

This review is part of our best chinchilla wheel 2020 review series.


Size ( 7 / 10 )

Having a large enough wheel can be the difference between your chin getting the exercise they need and ignoring the wheel completely. The “Silent Spinner” comes in several size options.

The Giant model has a diameter of 12” which is quite tight for a full-sized chinchilla. It is imperative that your chin have enough space to safely run in the wheel without overarching their backs. Prolonged curving of their backs can cause future damage or injury.

The 12” design might work for young chins or chinchillas that are on the smaller size, but if you have an adult or large chin, you may want to consider a larger wheel. This wheel is significantly smaller than many of the other options available with other manufacturers, like the 15” “Chin Spin” by Quality Cage Crafters or the “Chin-Sprint” by Exotic Nutrition.

If you have a smaller cage for your chinchilla, this smaller design may give your chin more space to run and jump in their cage.

  • The 12” design may feel cramped for your chin and cause excessive back curvature putting your chin at risk for future injury or discomfort.
  • This wheel is more appropriate for young chinchillas or cages with limited space.
Kaytee Silent Spinner Giant
Suitable for small chinchillas


Running Surface ( 6.5 / 10 )

The running surface of your chin’s wheel should provide them with safe and sturdy footing and should minimize their risk of slipping or falling off of the wheel. Along with its limited size, the “Silent Spinner” has a slightly smaller running surface of 4 ¾”.

This smaller running surface may make it difficult for larger chins to comfortably run and stretch. The high quality plastic running surface does, however, help protect your chins feet from damage caused by wire wheels.

The inside of the wheel is designed to give your chin’s feet traction while they are running and stabilize them so they can avoid falling. However, the short width of the running surface already creates a riskier wheel for your chinchilla. If you have the space and budget for a larger wheel, your chin may feel more secure and have more fun.

  • The 4 ¾” running surface is just enough for adult sized chinchillas but may be a bit tighter than what they need to run safely.
  • The plastic surface gives your chin’s feet some traction to run faster and protects them from potential foot injuries.
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Material ( 6.5 / 10 )

The “Silent Spinner” chinchilla wheel is made entirely of plastic. While this ultimately gives you a lighter weighing wheel, chins are known to be natural chewers and the plastic design may be too tempting for them.

Chewing plastic is very dangerous to chinchillas and can cause intestinal blockages which can be fatal if they go untreated. The “Silent Spinner” is quite versatile and can be mounted to the bars of the cage or can stand freely on the metal support that comes with your purchase.

Many customers have complained that the metal support does not last and the safest option is to mount the wheel to the cage. The wheel is attached to the bars by ball bearing technology; however, these bearings are also plastic. The “Silent Spinner” also comes with an enclosed spinner hub to reduce noise.

  • The all plastic design can be easily chewed by your chinchilla, which can cause serious digestive issues.
  • The wheel can be attached to the bars of the cage or can stand freely with the included metal support.
  • Most customers recommend attaching the wheel to the cage for better support.


Quietness ( 6 / 10 )

In its name alone, the “Silent Spinner” promises to be a chinchilla exercise wheel that makes minimal noise and it comes with an enclosed spinner hub to ensure quietness.

However, because of its lighter design and the plastic ball bearing piece for attaching, the “Silent Spinner” is not known for its silent spins. Several chinchilla owners have reported that this plastic wheel becomes noisier with continued use.

For a quieter experience, it is best to attach the wheel to the bars of the cage, however this may cause flimsier cages to rattle quite loudly. If your chinchilla is on the larger side, or if they enjoy running at fast speeds, you may notice louder noises from the wheel and the cage.

  • The lighter plastic design coupled with the weight of your chinchilla can cause the wheel to become noisier and your cage to rattle loudly.
  • For a quieter wheel, it is best to attach the wheel to the cage with the included dual ball bearing technology.


Overall ( 6.5 / 10 )

The Kaytee “Silent Spinner” may be a good option for a young chinchilla, or for a temporary cage. Although the price point is perfect for anyone on a budget, you may end up spending more by replacing this model several times than springing for one of the metal options available.

Starting at $24.99, this wheel can be easily found and purchased and is available in a number of retailers and pet stores. The plastic design is not ideal for chinchillas because of their natural instinct to chew. However, if price is the main factor, this is one of the more affordable options available.

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