Felix & Fido Spin Safe 15″ Chinchilla Wheel


Felix & Fido Spin Safe 15"




Running Surface







  • Large enough size for chinchilla
  • Broad enough surface area for running


  • Often mistaken for the real Chin Spin
  • Noisy due to loose bearings
  • Danger of falling off during running

This review is part of our best chinchilla wheel 2020 review series.

A safe and fun wheel for your Chinchilla can provide the exercise they need on a daily basis in a fun and interactive way. A wheel allows your chin to run at full speeds, which may not always be possible when running and jumping around their cage.

The Felix and Fido “Spin Safe” chinchilla wheel is a large wheel made completely of wood and metal, both materials that are safe for your chinchilla. At 15” around, this wheel protects your chin from potential injuries due to cramped spaces and inappropriate diameter and running surface for a chinchilla.

However, despite being the perfect size for your chin, is the “Spin Safe” a safe choice? Almost identical in design to the Quality Cage Crafters “Chin Spin,” this wheel falls short in build, quietness and safety.


Size ( 9 / 10 )

When considering a wheel for your chinchilla, you want to make sure the wheel will provide a large, and comfortable enough space so they can run without arching their backs continuously. Overarching their backs for an extended period of time may cause future back injuries to your chinchilla, however this 15” design gives your chin the space it needs while protecting them from future health problems.

This wheel compares to the “Chin Spin” and the Exotic Nutrition “Chin-Sprint” in both size and function. The wheel measures 15” x 15” x 8” meaning it is larger than most available models. For this reason, make sure your cage is large enough to properly and safely fit the “Spin Safe” and avoid installing it too close to the bottom of the cage to avoid catching or damage. This wheel comes in a rather large box and weighs roughly 7lbs, but only requires one person for installation.

  • Large 15” design allows your chin to run without risking back injury or future health complications.
  • The wheel measures 8” in depth from the wall of the cage to outer edges on the metal ring.
  • Must have a large enough cage to fit this wheel since it is generously larger than most available models.


Running Surface ( 9 / 10 )

Along with ample size and weight, having a wide running surface makes or breaks your chin’s wheel. The “Spin Safe’s” wide running surface provides your chinchilla with a safe space to run, jump, stretch and get their needed exercise. Although the manufacturer does not provide an exact measurement for the running surface, most dimensions seem to match the Quality Cages Chin Spin, which measures 6.25” of running space.

The wide running surface is perfect for chinchillas who happen to be larger in size, giving them enough space to run freely and feel safe and supported. The wide running surface also protects your chin from injuries due to falling off the wheel and hitting the bottom of the cage. The solid, heavy duty metal ring gives your chin a safe space to run and protects their feet from bumble-foot and other injuries that can be associated with wire wheels.

  • Wide running surface makes this wheel a safe and comfortable option for your chin and protects prevents them from falling off when jumping in and out.
  • The solid metal prevents damage to your chin’s feet.
  • Ample space for running, jumping stretching and exercising.
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felix fideo spin safe in cage

Material ( 6 / 10 )

The heavy-duty “Spin Safe” is made only from metal and wood, both chinchilla-approved materials. This wheel contains no plastic pieces for your chinchilla to chew through. The metal ring has smooth edges and none of the wooden pieces are exposed.

The wheel attaches to a wire cage by two metal ball bearings which should contribute to its sturdiness and ease of use, but instead come loose and not only create a noisy environment but can cause the wheel to fall putting your chinchilla at risk of injury.

  • Heavy-duty, chinchilla safe, all metal and wood design.
  • No plastic parts and all wooden parts inaccessible to your chin to avoid chewing.
  • The ball bearings may become loose causing your wheel to fall often and makes the wheel excessively noisy.


Quietness ( 6 / 10 )

Although this wheel was built identical to the Quality Cages “Chin Spin”, because the ball bearings come loose so often many complain that the “Spin Safe” is significantly noisier than other wheels with similar specifications.

However, the ball bearings are not the only factor when considering quietness, which can also be affected by the type of cage you have. The sturdier the cage, the less noise and rattling you will hear. If you have a chinchilla that enjoys running at fast speeds, or a chinchilla that is larger in size or weight, you may experience an even louder wheel.

  • Large, heavy-duty wheel comes with necessary materials for proper attaching.
  • The metal ball bearings may come loose causing the wheel to make loud noises when spinning.
  • Sturdier cages will produce less rattling with a sturdily attached wheel.


Overall ( 7.5 / 10 )

At $99, the “Spin Safe” chinchilla wheel is not what some may consider a small investment. A long lasting and safe wheel will come with a higher price tag, especially one as large as this, however the “Spin Safe” just doesn’t offer the quality you would expect at such a high cost.

Although this wheel is a great size, has an ample running surface for your chin’s comfort and is made of safe materials that will last, many have complained about the loose ball bearings that can be dangerous for the integrity of the wheel and create unnecessary noise.

Verdict: This wheel seems to copy the “Chin Spin” almost exactly, however you would be better off investing the additional $20 and getting the real deal instead of the “Spin Safe,” which doesn’t quite live up to its name.

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