Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin-Sprint Review


Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin-Sprint




Running Surface







  • Large enough size for chinchilla
  • Enough running space
  • Full metal design deters chewing
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty


  • Need a sturdy cage due to weight
  • Need a big cage for the space

Your chinchilla needs an exercise wheel that will keep them happy, entertained and safe. The Exotic Nutrition “Chin-Sprint” chin wheel comes with a nearly exclusive all metal design that is completely safe for your chinchilla to run and stretch on.

The “Chin-Sprint” is one of the largest models available and measures 15” around. This large, all metal, wheel also provides your chin with a wide running surface with a pet-safe coating to protect your chin’s feet from damage or injury. This sturdy design attaches to most cages but does better and works quieter when attached to cages with sturdier construction or thicker bars. This wheel comes with the dual ball bearings that are needed for easy attaching and installing.

This review is part of our best chinchilla wheels 2020 review series.


Size ( 9 / 10 )

The Exotic Nutrition “Chin-Sprint” is a unique wheel with few others like it on the market. It is a 15” wheel which is crucial for your chinchilla to safely run without excessive back curvature which can potentially cause strain and injury.

The large size also makes it more comfortable for your chinchilla to run at high speeds and to stretch their backs. This wheel is similar in size to the Quality Cage Crafters “Chin Spin” and the Felix and Fido “Spin Safe.”

The wheel measures 8” wide from the wall of the cage to the edge of the wheel. The wheel’s large size may make it too big for smaller cages, so be sure to measure before purchasing. The 15” wheel is not only large, but also heavy. The all-metal design weighs nearly 10lbs, which makes this model quite sturdy, but be sure that your cage bars can handle this hefty weight.

  • This wheel measures 15” around by 8” wide and provides your chin with ample space for running, stretching, jumping and playing.
  • The large surface area protects your chinchilla from excessively curving and potentially injuring their backs.

chin sprint in making

Running Surface ( 8.5 / 10 )

While size is important for preventing injury or discomfort, the running surface is just as crucial for your chin’s enjoyment and safety. The “Chin-Sprint” is a large chinchilla wheel that has a running surface of 6”.

This is slightly smaller than the “Chin Spin,” but only by 0.5”. The wheel is also coated in a pet-safe material which protects your chin’s feet when running, provides a stable running surface and gives your chin some traction. A wide running surface is imperative for larger chinchillas in both size and weight. The ample running surface can also prevent falls which could lead to severe injuries.

  • The wide 6” running surface is perfect for all sized chinchillas and provides a safe space for running and stretching.
  • The pet-safe powder coated metal gives your chin traction while running and also protects their feet from unsafe or uncomfortable surfaces.
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chin sprint running space

Material ( 9 / 10 )

The “Chin-Sprint” is a unique wheel thanks to its all metal design. Exotic Nutrition boasts that the 100% metal wheel is the only one you will ever need to purchase. While similar wheels are made from metal and wood, like the “Chin Spin” or the “Spin Safe,” the all metal design is easier to clean and can deter chewing, unlike wood and plastic.

This wheel is made from a single unit of heavy-gauge steel pressed into its shape so there are no seams or joints that can cause injury to your chinchilla. This ultra heavy-duty wheel can be easily wiped clean with mild soap and a soft cloth.

The lack of wood in the design can help keep odors at bay since wood can quickly absorb the smell of urine. The “Chin-Sprint” comes with all the necessary parts for installation. The metal dual ball bearings attach safely to the bars of your cage providing a smooth and safe spin.

  • The 100% metal design deters chewing and odors while giving your chinchilla a sturdy surface to run and stretch on.
  • The metal wheel can be wiped clean with mild soap and water.
  • Installation is quick and easy and all parts are included with your purchase.


Quietness ( 8.5 / 10 )

As much as you want your chin to run and exercise, you don’t want your entire home to hear it! Due to its sturdy, heavy-duty, all metal design, and the dual ball bearings used for attaching, the “Chin-Sprint” is a relatively quiet wheel.

However, because of its hefty size and weight, this wheel can cause cages with thinner bars to rattle.  To avoid a noisy wheel, make sure to tighten the ball bearings used in installation and ensure that your cage is well put together. A sturdier cage will rattle less than a lighter structure. Chinchillas who are larger in size or weight and those who enjoy running at higher speeds may cause the wheel to be noisier or the cage to rattle loudly.

  • This wheel works best when attached to a sturdy cage with thicker bars.
  • The all metal design and dual ball bearings help this wheel spin quietly.
  • Larger chins and faster runners may make more noise and cause more cage rattling.

chin sprint attached to cage

Overall ( 8.8 / 10 )

The Exotic Nutrition “Chin-Sprint” chinchilla wheel is one of the very few wheels made with all metal parts. This all metal wheel, that considers all of your chinchilla’s needs, comes at a high price tag due to its sturdy design and materials.

The manufacturer, Exotic Nutrition, claims that this 100% metal wheel will be the only wheel you will need to purchase for your chinchilla. The all metal design prevents chewing and absorbing urine, unlike plastic or wooden wheels, which preserves the wheel even longer.

Although the “Chin-Sprint” starts at $109, its ultra heavy-duty design makes spending that amount worth it! If you have a smaller cage, or a cage with thinner bars, this may not be the best wheel for your chinchilla because of its heavier weight. Otherwise, this wheel makes up for its price with its durability.

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