Do Male Chinchillas Spray?


Chinchillas are some of the cutest creatures on planet Earth. In fact, they are so cool, fluffy, and adorable that many people love to pet them. That said, one of the unsuspecting things about these cute creatures is that they can launch an attack by spraying urine. Yes, they don’t bite very often. Their weapon of choice is nothing but disgusting urine. Eek! Imagine urine coming your way in the middle of an ordinary day.

What’s worth knowing over here is that both male and female chinchillas have different personalities and eccentric behaviours to match their gender. For instance, female chinchillas have a shrewd reputation of spraying urine when they get angry or threatened. As a pet owner, you don’t want to make them mad or else you could be their next victim. Believe it or not, they can spray up to ten feet with unbelievable accuracy. But, do male chinchillas also spray?

For those who don’t know, male chinchillas can spray urine as well. When pet owners get too close to them, they may start spraying. However, they cannot match the spray power of female chinchillas. Forget ten feet; they can hardly spray a few inches with any accuracy. At their absolute best, they can barely shoot a couple of inches. In fact, don’t be surprised if their spray falls right in front of them. Moreover, they don’t spray a large amount. Basically, they just stink at spraying.

chinchilla food
In other words, male chinchillas are not as gifted as their female counterparts in the urine spraying department. Sounds weird, but that’s the fact of the matter with these unusual creatures. Given the horrible accuracy and lack of distance, only a handful of male chinchillas actually spray.

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Not that bad

In fact, there are pet owners out there who have reported that their chinchillas have not sprayed even once in the entire lifetime of pet ownership. Frankly speaking, male chinchillas know that they suck in this area.

So, they don’t release the spray as often as female chinchillas.
Be it male or female chinchillas, spraying urine is generally a defence mechanism for these creatures.

Basically, it’s a protective behaviour against perceived threats. If they feel cornered, chased, or threatened, they may stand up and shoot urine right at the opponent’s face. In fact, they also spray at each other inside the cage.

Of course, male chinchillas just end up doing a pathetic dribble in their attempt to spray someone. The worst part is that they do not understand commands. So, they cannot be easily trained to not urinate or follow any other obedient command.

So, the next time you were to be sprayed by a male chinchilla, don’t blame us for not warning you in advance. The horror of pee on someone’s face can be quite messy, and of course, disgusting too.

That said, you can easily get lucky with a male chinchilla and not wet yourself due to their pitiful spraying ability. But, don’t take any chances to provoke the little creature if you want to be pee-free. Frankly speaking, you will not like a urine shower on any given day of the week!

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