Chinchilla Mansion by Quality Cage Crafters Review


Chinchilla Mansion by Quality Cage Crafters


Made for Chinchilla


Ease of cleaning




Value for money



  • Handmade by reputable chinchilla cage maker
  • No plastic; 100% safe for chinchillas
  • Ceiling can be fully opened for easy cleaning
  • Big enough to house 2 adult chinchillas


  • Not cheap
  • Doors are not full width
  • Stocks are limited due to craftmanship

This review is part of our best chinchilla cages 2020 review series.

When it comes to ensuring your chinchilla has everything they need, space to run and jump, toys for play time and socialization and safe cage that will be easy on their feet, Quality Cage Crafters is truly a one-stop shop. 

Quality Cage Crafters are makers, not manufacturers. And their Chinchilla Mansions are made with chinchillas needs in mind.

The Quality Cages Chinchilla Mansion lives up to its prestigious name with a design specifically made with your chinchilla in mind.

With its tall vertical space, chin-safe shelves and platforms and small square metal bar spacing, the Chinchilla Mansion checks every box off of your chin’s list.

And if still aren’t convinced, this cage can be totally customized with adjusting shelves and endless accessories and add-ons.


Made for Chinchilla ( 9.5 / 10 )

This mansion comes with four chinchilla-safe, solid pine wood shelves, two measuring 24” and two measuring 30”, which can be completely customized and easily replaced through the Quality Cage’s website.

The cage comes with a slide out tray for the bottom that makes clean up quick and easy and protects your chinchilla’s feet from breaks and sores.

If you select the starter bundle or above, it even comes with the famous Chin Spin chinchilla wheel made by the same maker.


  • The Chinchilla Mansion is a single unit, large enclosure measuring 30” wide, 24” long and 48” tall, giving your chinchilla plenty of space to run and jump around the cage.
  • Unlike similar models, like the Prevue Hendryx cages or the Deluxe Critter Nation, this cage does not come with a stand on caster wheels, unless you upgrade to the starter or deluxe bundle.
  • The top of the cage can be fully opened and there are two other doors on the upper and lower sides of the cage. The upper door is 12”x14” and the lower door is 12”x18”, both giving you easy access to the interior of the cage for easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • The enclosure is made out of 1”x1” metal wire. This grid pattern is ideal for chinchilla’s feet, helping them avoid injuries like getting stuck, breaking their feet or developing sores. The bar spacing and design is also ideal for your chinchillas to climb and jump from.
exceptional workmanship


  • Strategic placement of the wood shelves can help prevent any potential fall, though chinchillas can jump as high as 6 feet. You can also purchase ramps to connect each level to further ensure that your chinchilla’s space is safe.
  • Both doors on this enclosure are secured with safety trimmed metal door guards so your chinchilla cannot escape.
  • This cage is 100% safe for your chinchilla. All shelves are made from chin-safe solid pine wood and there is no plastic for your curious chinchilla to chew through.


  • The Chinchilla Mansion is large enough to comfortably give a real life of luxury to two adult chinchillas, which is usually ideal because of their social nature and personalities. However, because this is one large cage, your chinchillas cannot be separated if they are in need of their own space. With some creativity you could makeshift a divider for the cage, but currently the manufacturer does not sell one.
  • The doors of this enclosure are large enough to give your chinchilla safe and easy access in and out of the cage.


Ease of cleaning ( 9 / 10 )

With its multi-level doors and fully opening flip top, the Chinchilla Mansion is easy to keep clean.

The cage comes with a powder-covered pan that easily slides in and out of the bottom of the cage. The bottom pan can hold the litter of your choice and makes cleaning out waste quick and easy.

Cleaning the Cage

  • The large 12”x14” and 12” x 18” doors give you easy access to different levels inside of the cage for easy cleaning and sanitizing, while the convenient flip top can give you full access for removing or rearranging accessories and add-ons.

  • The powder-coated pan sits above a wire rack which makes it easy to slide the pan out for cleaning. The bottom of the cage has a sheet metal flap which allows you to remove the pan for cleaning without having to remove your chinchilla while cleaning or changing the litter.
  • The pan can be washed with a mild soap or a pet-safe cleaner like Arm & Hammer or Nature’s Miracle. You can also wipe down the plastic pan with paper towels or a soft rag.
  • The metal bars should be wiped down with a paper towel or soft rag and pet safe cleaner or mild soap. For more convenient cleaning, consider purchasing the add-on stand and caster wheels so you can easily clean below and around the cage.
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  • The removable pan makes cleaning out your chinchilla’s litter easier, but because it only measures 1½” tall you cannot fill the pan with the necessary amount of litter and it may not do the best job at containing the litter and the waste inside of the cage. This can be easily solved by purchasing the scatter guard made for this specific enclosure, sold directly on the manufacturer’s website.
  • With a little bit of elbow grease, you can also build your own scatter guard with pieces of scrap wood. Make sure to measure the wood to a height that will completely contain the litter and waste.
  • Unlike cages like the Prevue Hendryx black feisty ferret cage and the Deluxe Critter Nation, this particular cage does not allow for you to replace the pan with a deeper pan because of its design, so it is important to find a way to best contain the mess so you can keep your cage and its surroundings clean.


Versatility ( 9 / 10 )

Despite being made specifically for the comfort and safety of chinchillas, the Chinchilla Mansion is completely adjustable for your chin’s needs.

From the placement of the wooden shelves, to the endless add-ons and accessories, you can transform this cage into a wonderland of fun, entertainment and enrichment.


  • The solid pine wood shelves can be adjusted to the perfect height to allow your chinchilla to climb and jump between levels. If you notice that your chin is having trouble accessing different levels of the cage, you can purchase ramps to attach each shelf from Quality Cage’s website, giving your chin more security as they scale the cage.
  • You can also attach additional shelves from 18” to 36” as well as fixed litter boxes, corner ledges, lava ledges, and their Chin Spin 15” exercise wheel, a fan favorite for this cage. All of the structures are safely secured to the cage so your chinchilla isn’t at risk of falling or injuring themselves.
  • The Chin Spin is a 15” exercise wheel that allows your chinchilla to run and exercise for long periods of time without straining their backs due to small or restrictive spaces. The Chin Spin safely attaches to the cage and gives your chin enough room run comfortably.


  • Although the basic Chinchilla Mansion only comes with four wooden shelves, Quality Cages offer two different bundles which come equipped with everything you need for happy and healthy chinchillas, the Starter Bundle and the Deluxe Bundle.
  • In addition to the four wooden shelves, the Starter Bundle also comes with the Chin Spin, one Nest Box, one 12oz Coop Cup, one 16oz Glass Lixit Water Bottle, one 9” Hay Rack and a 2” stand on wheels. This bundle gives you the basics for a happy chinchilla and still gives you space to add toys, chews and hammocks.
  • The Deluxe Bundle includes all of the Starter Bundle, the original four wooden shelves plus two Hop Spots, two Ramps, two 24” Shelf Guards, two 30” Shelf Guards, two Hop Spot Shelf Guards and one Cage Guard Set. Instead of the 2” stand on wheels, the Deluxe Bundle comes with a 10” stand on wheels elevating your cage and adding space below for storage.
  • Quality Cages sells all of the accessories included in the bundles separately on their website, so you can pick and choose if you don’t need everything that is listed.


Value for money ( 9.5 / 10 )

Compared to most chinchilla cages on the market, the Quality Cages Chinchilla Mansion certainly lives up to its name in terms of cost.

Yes, when purchasing the Chinchilla Mansion be assured that you are, in fact, buying a chinchilla mansion, and you will pay the price of one.

The prices increase quickly when considering the bundles, but they do save you money instead of buying the accessories separately. The high price tag is justified by the design made specifically for chinchillas.

This cage requires very little adapting and adjusting to fit your chin’s needs which, in the long run, also saves money on buying additional parts.

From the 100% safe materials used, like pine wood and chew-safe metals, to ample space and a sturdy structure for easy climbing and jumping, the Chinchilla Mansion has it all.

The cage comes in one single box and requires assembly. It has a semi-collapsible structure, which makes building an easier task. This cage can be easily assembled by one person and does not require any additional tools. This cage comes with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee.

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