Chin Spin 15 inch Exercise Wheel Review


Chin Spin 15-inch by Quality Cage Crafters




Running Surface







  • Large enough size for chinchillas
  • Broad enough surface area for running
  • One of the quietest wheel on the market
  • Full metal and wood design to balance safety and comfort


  • Limited stock due to handmade
  • Need a large cage for the space

The Quality Cage Crafters 15” Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel is one of the biggest and best rated chinchilla wheels available online. Quality Cage Crafters is known for their handmade products that are made with each of your chinchilla’s needs in mind.

The all metal and wood design is safe for chinchillas who usually chew right through plastic toys and accessories. The large 15” wheel gives your chin space to run and stretch and has a wide running surface with a powdered coating for better stability and grip.

This wheel comes with ball bearings for easy attaching to most cages, which also helps this wheel spin without causing too much cage rattling and noise.

This review is part of our best chinchilla wheels 2020 review series.


Size ( 9 / 10 )

Your chinchilla requires a tall enough wheel so they can comfortably run and stretch without feeling cramped. The “Chin Spin” is one of the larger wheels available, and is more superior to the, also 15”, Alex and Fido “Spin Safe”.

This ample size is perfect for an adult chinchilla. Smaller sizes may cause your chin to strain its back when trying to fit in a smaller space, which can cause back injuries in the future.

The 15” diameter and 8” depth make it a bit bulky, so ensure that your cage is large enough so your chin still has room to play and jump freely. Due to its size, it is recommended that you install your “Chin Spin” at least 2” from the bottom of the cage so your wheel can spin safely.

  • 15” diameter gives your chin enough space to run and stretch safely.
  • 8” depth from the wall of the cage to the edge of the wheel.
  • Must install at least 2” from the bottom of the cage.


Running Surface ( 9 / 10 )

As important as size, the running surface of your chin’s wheel should be carefully considered when thinking of your chinchilla’s comfort and safety. The Chin Spin is known for its large wheel with a running surface of 6.25”, making this wheel perfect for chinchillas of all sizes.

The inside of the ring is covered with a silver vein powdered coating which serves as a grip for your chinchilla’s feet. The wide surface makes it safe for your chinchilla to run, stretch and jump on and off of the wheel without the risk of falling and injuring themselves. The wheel stops promptly when your chin stops running, also minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Running surface measure 6.25” perfect for chins big and small.
  • Coated with silver vein powdered coating for better footing and grip.


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Material ( 9.5 / 10 )

Chinchillas are known for chewing through plastic parts and accessories, which can be harmful to their stomachs over time. The Quality Cages Chin Spin is handmade with your chinchilla’s safety in mind.

The all metal and wood design deter your chin from chewing through the materials, both ruining the wheel and possibly harming them. The metal ring is hemmed and all edges are smoothed so your chin is safe from cutting or scratching when jumping in and out.

The metal ring is also coated with silver vein powdered coating creating a surface that your chin can better grip onto. The metal ring is safely flush against the wood backing, so your chinchilla cannot get to it to chew it. The Chin Spin comes with two metal ball bearings for easy installation.

  • All metal and wood design to ensure your chinchilla’s safety and comfort.
  • All metal edges hemmed and smoothed.
  • Metal ring is coated providing your chin with a safer grip.

chin spin wheel


Quietness ( 9 / 10 )

Many chinchilla wheels are well built and have a good amount of space, but the moment your chin steps on those, they sounds like that cage is coming apart. The Quality Cages handmade Chin Spin boasts being the quietest wheel on the market.

The wheel comes with two ball bearings for attaching the wheel to the cage. This sturdy attaching helps reduce the sounds coming from the wheel. Although, quietness also depends on the size of your chinchilla and how fast they usually run.

If you have a fast running chin, you may hear more cage rattling. The wheel comes with illustrated instructions for easy installing. Proper installation will also help minimize nosy wheels.

  • Handmade wheel with metal ball bearings for proper attaching.
  • Sturdy attachment helps minimize rattling cages.
  • The all wood and metal design comes with easy illustrated instructions for installing.


Overall ( 9.1 / 10 )

The Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin is one of the highest rated chinchilla wheels available. Known for their hand-crafted chinchilla cages and accessories, Quality Cages did not settle with their wheel design. At a price tag of $119, the Chin Spin is a wheel that lasts years, justifying the price.

The metal and wood design comes with your chinchilla’s safety in mind and the large running surface makes the wheel safe for your chin to run at the highest of speeds, jumping on and off of the wheel without risk of injury. The silver vein powdered coating gives your chin’s feet a steady grip on the wheel.

Despite paying what some may consider a high price, with the Chin Spin you get your money’s worth in quality. Quality Cages offers the Chin Spin in a variety of colors and they ensure your 100% satisfaction or they will replace or refund your purchase. The manufacturer also offers a one-year replacement warranty.

Chin Spin in a variety of colors

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