Can You Get a Chinchilla Wet?


Chinchillas are active creatures, and the question may have crossed your mind about whether or not they would enjoy some playtime in the water. You might ask yourself if your chinchilla needs a bath every now and then. Chinchillas unfortunately are similar to gremlins, you should avoid getting them wet. They won’t turn into goblins, but they can be extremely difficult to dry when too much moisture is present.

Chinchilla Fur Is Thick

It’s not ideal to allow animals with fuller coats to get soaking wet in general, due to the issues that arise when trying to dry fur. Full coats have a tendency to create matts, tight balls of tangled fur that sometimes need to be combed or cut out. Secondly, it takes much longer to dry, which can be difficult because moisture can penetrate deep into their undercoat. If this moisture isn’t removed, your chinchilla may begin having issues with fungus and bacterial infections, which can in turn create a bigger problem for their skin.

What if your Chinchilla wet itself Accidentally?

If you chinchilla got wet accidentally, quickly use a piece of cloth to gently wipe the water off it body. If he looks like he is frightened, give him some chinchilla chew toys to distract him from the wet body.

After that, use the cloth to gently wrap around the chinchilla’s body so that the cloth can continue to absorb the water, while preventing it from losing temperature too quickly.

Chinchilla’s Take Dust Baths

These animals have self-cleaning behaviors; their body produces natural oils to keep the epidermis functioning like normal. When their bodies create too much, chinchillas take matters into their own hands by rolling around in “dust.” The purpose behind this is to help knock off and dry up excess oil to keep their skin and fur dry and clean. This doesn’t mean you should bring in a handful of dirt for your chin, dust can be purchased at almost any pet care supply store or online.

The Fine Powder Can Be Messy

It’s best not to keep the “bath” inside their cage or in an area of the home that you don’t want dirty. As they complete their usual hygiene ritual, your chinchilla will kick up dust and it will inevitably end up all over carpets, sheets, curtains etc. Try using the bathroom or a room that can easily be sprayed and wiped clean.

What Kind of Dust Should I Buy?

Chinchillas Dust usually contains pumice, volcanic ash, and other naturally occurring volcanic minerals. When looking for a brand to purchase, you should definitely look into consumer reviews before making a decision. Dust that is low in quality can create serious problems for your chinchilla including itching and scratching.


Customer Approved Brands Online

  • Kaytee Chinchilla Dust is a top seller on online stores and has a five star rating among eighty percent of customers who purchased this product!

Kaytee Chinchilla Dust


  • Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath serves as a partially enclosed space so that your chinchilla can groom themselves comfortably, and there’s less cleanup for you. The bowl shape helps to prevent dust from spilling over the sides. It’s not require for baths, but it is a highly recommended product.

Kaytee Ceramic Critter Bath

Sometimes A Water Bath Is Necessary

If your chinchilla happens to be exceptionally dirty, or very ill with nasal and eye drainage, it may become necessary to bathe your chinchilla in water. In circumstances where a chinchilla is incontinent, or unable to hold their bowels, owners will give them a water bath from the arms down, careful to avoid the ears, mouth and nose; then, dry them off as quickly as possible. As long as they’re clean and dry, your chinchilla will be happy!

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