5 BEST Chinchilla Cage Reviews


Best Cages for Chinchillas

Chinchillas are fantastic pets. They are incredibly agile as well as extremely intelligent. In addition, they have the softest fur in the world and are very cute little creatures. When it comes to selecting a cage for your new furry friends, you need to take a few factors into consideration.


The first thing to think about is the material that your new cage is constructed with. Chinchillas have open rooted teeth so they tend to chew on everything they can get their little paws on. This is why it’s vey important to buy a wire or some sort of other metal cage. This ensures the animals are contained and that they won’t ingest anything that could potentially harm their delicate bodies.

Some cages have plastic bottoms or platforms which are generally ok, as long as the bars and wires are made of metal. This is to prevent the chinchillas from eating the materials as well as to keep them contained. For cages with plastic bottoms, as long as there is some sort of wire insert separating the animals from the plastic material then you will be good to go.


In the wild, chinchillas are jumping and moving nearly all of the time. In fact, they can jump upwards of six feet in a single leap. So, when selecting a cage, look for the largest one that your housing space can accommodate. You should also look for a cage that has multiple levels if possible. This helps the chinchillas be able to mimic their natural instinctual behaviors better.

Multistory cages are a good option for those short on space. They provide the chinchillas with ample room but are generally smaller in width and length so they take up less overall space. Some companies even have stackable units so you can add additional stories at a later time if you prefer.


Because chinchillas are so smart, they need high levels of mental and physical stimulation. You should incorporate accessories like toys, chews, hideouts, etc. in your habitat to make sure your chinchillas are as happy as possible. Make sure there is also room for necessary accessories like food dishes, a water bottle and perhaps your dust bath container, if you plan on doing them in the cage.

Many cages also include a stand and/or storage shelf. This is a helpful feature so that you don’t have to store your supplies in an additional space. These shelves are often big enough to house food, treats, hay, toys, etc. with no problem.

Compiled below is a list of 5 of the best cages for chinchillas.



1. Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

best chinchilla cage

The Critter Nation by Midwest is one of the most popular chinchilla cages. You have the option to buy it as a single story or as a double unit, though it is recommended to go with the double if you have the space. This cage features full width double doors, which allows for easier cleaning as well as better accessibility overall. There is also a built in stand which features a shelf that’s perfect for storing food, chinchilla dust, extra toys, etc.

With the double unit, there are four levels for your chinchillas to hangout between. The bottom level features a floor pan, which helps contain waste better and makes cleaning a cinch. The additional shelves which create the second and fourth level, are adjustable in height. The ramps come with covers, though your chinchillas may chew them so whether you include them in the final habitat is up to you.

chinchilla in cageThe wires are 1/2” apart, which ensures your animals will be able to climb and play and they will not be able to escape. In addition, the Critter Nation is compatible with a wide variety of other toys and accessories. There are attachment points for things such as hammocks, hideouts and kabob toys.

Both the single and double story cages have a stand built in. The stand is complete with a storage shelf. This is a great place to store all of your chinchillas’ foods, toys, hay, etc.

Expansion option

Midwest also sells an additional story unit that is compatible with both the single and double story units. So for example if you originally buy the single story unit but later decide you would prefer the double, you can buy the additional unit separately. You can also add it the the double story unit. Midwest recommends against going any higher than three stories with your critter nation. Any higher than this and the structural integrity of the enclosure will be compromised.

The single story Critter Nation’s dimensions are 36″L x 25″W x 38.5″H
The double story Critter Nation’s dimensions are 36”L x 25”W x 62.5”H
The add on story’s dimensions are 36″L x 25″W x 24.5”H


1. Provides your chinchillas with ample room
2. Wire construction, chew-proof
3. Easy to clean
4. Multiple levels
5. Compatible with a multitude of accessories
6. Lower storage shelf


1. Takes a little while to assemble
2. Some consumers have reported pieces not fitting perfectly together




2. Prevue Hendryx Feisty Ferret Cage

chinchilla cage reviews

Even though the Feisty Ferret by Prevue Hendryx is technically marketed as a ferret cage, it makes a great chinchilla habitat as well. This is another wire multilevel cage, with four levels available to your animals with the shelves included. There is a floor pan included to assist with easy cleaning and containment of waste. There are three ramps included to make travel between the levels as easy as possible.

The Feisty Ferret has two large doors that are advertised as completely escape proof. Make sure you always latch the doors completely no matter what cage you decide on as chinchillas are notorious for being little escape artists. The wires are 7/8” inch apart which will ensure your animals have plenty of fresh air and are able to climb around, without the risk of escape.

Also like the Critter Nation, there is a built in stand with a storage shelf. This helps to keep all of your chinchilla needs and supplies in one easily accessible location. There is also a comfy hammock included to add another level of comfort for your new furry friends.

This Feisty Ferret’s dimensions are 31”L x 20”W x 54”H


1. Multiple levels
2. Easy to clean
3. Wire construction, chew-proof
4. Includes hammock
5. Lower storage shelf
6. Very spacious unit


1. Assembly can be a little complicated
2. Wire is slightly thinner than other cages




3. Homey Pet Three-Tier Chinchilla Crate

Homey Pet 3 Tiers Chinchilla cage

The Three-Tier Chinchilla Crate by Homey Pet is a slightly smaller alternative to other cage options. This cage is probably best suited for just one animal, though two can be accommodated. With this cage, the main material used is plastic, however the wires are metal so they are still able to contain your furry friends. The plastic base is separate from the rest of the cage and includes a ‘urine guard’ as well as a wire overlay. This contains waste but keeps it away from your animals to prevent disease, infection, etc. The tray is removable as well to make cleaning easy.

There are no tools needed to assemble this cage which is nice when compared to other similar items. There are two doors on the front of the cage and the wires are spaced 4/5” apart. In addition, the cage is finished with a non-toxic powder coating. This prevents rust and corrosion while keeping the enclosure safe for your animals.

This cage’s dimensions are 26”L x 17”W x 38″H


1. Separate waste area
2. Wire bars
3. Easy to clean
4. Multiple levels


1. Smaller than other cages
2. Slightly less durable than other leading brands




4. Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Chinchilla Cage

Prevue Hendryx Earthtone Dusted Rose Chinchilla Cage

The Earthtone Chinchilla Cage is another great product from Prevue Hendryx. This model is slightly smaller than the Feisty Ferret, though is made very similar in fashion. The ramps and platforms are solid metal which makes them extra durable. In addition, this eliminates the need for replacing the units as your chinchillas will be unable to chew them. This feature really sets this cage apart from other leading competitors as even the best cages tend to have plastic inserts.

Similar to other cages, this cage comes with a stand. The stand also includes the storage shelf. Store your toys, treats, supplies and more here. The doors are large and feature a wind-bell lock. There is one door located on the front of the cage as well as one on the rooftop. This helps to add an extra layer of protection against sneaky and mischievous pets, as chinchillas are often known to be. The wire spacing is a mere 3/8” so that makes this cage ideal for chinchillas of all ages. If you’re planning on having baby chinchillas at any point, this cage would be a good choice to ensure the babies will not be able to escape.

The Earthtone Chinchilla Cage is also very easy to clean as it features a removable plastic tray. There is a wire insert to go over the tray to separate the animals from their waste but the cage functions without it as well. The tray has a wind-bell lock as well to prevent it from being pushed out should you decide to omit the wire insert in your setup.

The Earthtone Chinchilla Cage’s dimensions are 31”L x 20.5”W x 40”H


1. Compact, yet provides adequate space
2. Lower storage shelf
3. Easy to clean, removable tray
4. Multiple levels
5. Metal ramps and platforms
6. Wind-bell locks


1. Some consumers have reported malfunctioning wires and difficult assembly




5. Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage

Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage with Urine Guard

The Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage is another slightly smaller yet adequate cage. One great thing about this cage is the base features wheels. This makes transportation and relocation of the enclosure incredibly easy. The wheels are also lockable to prevent any unwanted sliding and moving of the cage. he wires are 4/5” apart. All of the materials have a non-toxic lead free powder coat that helps to prevent corrosion and rust. This prolongs the longevity of the product.

The bottom part of the cage is plastic but there is a wire insert so that the animals are kept separate from their waste. The plastic encompasses the bottom of the cage but the chinchillas have minimal access to the material. The plastic is advertised as being chew-resistant so even if your chinchillas are able to access the plastic component, they will likely not chew on it. The bottom waste tray is removable as well, so that makes cleaning much easier.

The Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage’s dimensions are 24”L x 17”W x 38”H


1. Compact yet spacious design
2. Chew-resistant plastic
3. Easy to clean, removable tray
4. Multiple levels
5. Wheels for easy transportation, lockable


1. Takes a little while to assemble
2. Some consumers have reported pieces not fitting perfectly together

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